Revised Date: New Brigden School Closure Community Consultation

event Published 2021-08-27T07:00:00.000Z

On August 25, 2021, administration presented the Board of Trustees with updated information for New Brigden School. As part of the package, the revised data focused on scenarios beyond the current school year, based on the decision to delay the school review until 2021-2022. While some sections of the revised information remained unchanged from the spring (i.e. maintenance costs), trustees identified notable differences related to financial implications for the current year (2021-2022) and the one following (2022-2023). Senior Administration explained that these differences represent changes introduced last year as part of the new funding formula. To ensure accuracy of the document, the Prairie Rose financial team will be meeting with Alberta Education officials to confirm the new information. Once this has been completed, the revised package will be shared with parents to review.

Link to previously shared data package: June 2021

In consideration of the timing of the new information and the pending community consultation meeting scheduled for next Monday, the board felt that it was in the best interest of parents and the New Brigden community to delay for two weeks to ensure all parties have appropriate time to review the new information in more detail. It is important to the board that all stakeholders, including trustees, have adequate time to examine the new data and consider how it may relate to the future of New Brigden School. The new meeting information is listed below:

Meeting Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Meeting Time: 7:00 PM
Meeting Format: In-person at New Brigden School (meeting format will be required to comply with COVID-19 pandemic health restrictions)

Following the public consultation meeting, members of the public will also have the opportunity to provide written submissions to the board for consideration and apply to make an in-person presentation.

A final decision regarding the notice of motion for closure of New Brigden School will come forward to the board at the October 13, 2021, public board meeting.