Response to Protest Action at PRPS Schools

event Published 2022-02-04T22:17:05.547Z

On Friday, February 4, 2022, Prairie Rose Public Schools was made aware of a number of organized protests taking place outside our schools in communities across the division. These protests were part of a provincially planned action advocating against public health measures. We acknowledge this action would have caused worry for many of our students and staff. As such, our focus was on providing support in our schools and creating a sense of normalcy throughout the day, as much as possible.

  • Our number one priority was to ensure the safety of our students and staff. All efforts were made to provide support and reduce anxiety for students. As part of these efforts, our staff were directed to continue with classes and try to maintain normalcy as much as possible.
  • As is consistent with our emergency response Hold and Secure protocol, all school doors were locked and access in and out of schools was monitored throughout the school day.
  • Any student who made the choice to actively protest the rules while inside the school building were moved to a location away from the other students. A choice to be at school still requires the student to be responsible for their actions and to follow the expectations for learning in our buildings. The Education Act clearly states that it is a parent’s responsibility to help their student comply with the rules of the school.

It is extremely unfortunate that our students and staff have been put into the middle of a political debate in which school divisions do not have the authority to make changes. Any concerns that have been shared with us have been passed along to both the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health who are responsible for these decisions. 

These recent events have caused unnecessary challenges and stress on schools. This does not support a positive environment for learning and further impacts the mental health of educators and students. We strongly encourage all community members who have concerns with the current mandates to take their conversations to their local members of government and not our teachers and children.

Reagan Weeks
Prairie Rose Public Schools

Cathy Hogg
Board Chair
Prairie Rose Public Schools