Prairie Rose Board Votes Against Piloting Draft K-6 Curriculum

event Published 2021-05-11T07:00:00.000Z

At the May 11, 2021, public board meeting the Prairie Rose Board of Trustees joined other school boards in the province and voted against participating in the draft K-6 curriculum pilot this fall.

The decision came following a report from an 18 member Prairie Rose teacher review committee who examined the four core subject areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science of the draft curriculum. The report provided a thematic analysis of the core subjects with a lens on five areas including; progression and continuity, competencies, assessment (Bloom’s Taxonomy), age appropriateness, and content load.

While the committee did find some areas of strength in the proposed curriculum it was noted there were concerns that could not be overlooked. This included things such recognized areas where gaps in learning would likely occur, student comprehension, and the challenge for teachers to be ready for the fall. The committee's recommendation was to not participate in the draft K-6 curriculum pilot. Superintendent Roger Clarke expressed his appreciation to the volunteer teachers who were part of the localized review as they provided significant expertise, knowledge and experience to the process.