December 14, 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

event Published 2021-12-15T16:51:49.432Z

Mileage and Meal Reimbursement Rates

Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser provided an overview of the results of a mileage and meal reimbursement review that compared Prairie Rose’s rates with other school divisions in Zone 6. The division currently reimburses staff at 0.50 per kilometre for mileage, $11 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $25 for supper. It was recommended that the mileage rate be increased to 0.54 per kilometre and that breakfast financial reimbursement be increased to $15 and supper to $30. The changes would apply to all Prairie Rose staff when conducting official PRPS business. The motion was carried.

Oyen Public School Presentation

Principal Jason Duchscherer shared a presentation with the board outlining academic programming, instructional strategies and facility improvements at Oyen Public School. It was noted that the school used the assurance survey data collected in the spring of 2021 to make changes based on the feedback received from students and parents. 

The presentation highlighted the following:

  • Recent renovations at the school to improve the front entrance and the completion of a breakfast room.
  • Literacy strategies being used across all grade levels including science of reading, Heggerty program and secret stories.
  • New programming options at OPS including art class, band, drama, leadership, and computer skills and problem solving.
  • Two academy programs, including the SAHA hockey academy and the introduction of the new Jr. Badgers baseball program.
  • The introduction of the Prairie Rose Possibility agriculture program where the school purchased their own chicken coop and students were responsible for growing and caring for the animals. The school also purchased red wiggler worms as part of an organic recycling initiative.
  • The sharing of a school librarian with South Central High School for 9 hours per week.

The full presentation can be found in the December 14, 2021, Board Meeting package. 

Irvine School Field Trip

Superintendent Reagan Weeks presented an Irvine School field trip request to Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto from April 23 - May 1, 2022, through EF Tours. It was noted that this specific trip has been approved by the board in past years and that EF Tours is a reputable company specializing in student travel. The board approved the field trip request as presented.

Board Committee Structures

Superintendent Reagan Weeks asked the board to vote on two separate motions to rescind two governance policies, Student Board Advisory Committee and FNMI Committee, as both were not consistently reviewed by the board on an annual basis. It was recommended that the Student Board Advisory Committee be renamed, Student Voice and be turned into an ad hoc committee. However, the FNMI Committee will be dissolved, as it was noted that the policy is outdated and the board already receives regular updates via the FNMI Coordinator report, Student Services report and Annual Education Results Report related to FNMI supports, results and strategies. The board passed both motions.