Board Meeting Highlights

event Published 2021-06-11T07:00:00.000Z

Occupational Health and Safety Report
Occupational Health and Safety Officer Derek Beck provided his annual report to the board for information. Highlights of the report include an update on Prairie Rose’s participation in the AHS ARTSSN student absenteeism program, school safety inspections, fire inspections at all Redcliff schools, first aid training for PRPS staff, an update on incidents and accidents over the 2020-21 school year and annual emergency response training. It was noted that the division had an increase in injuries reported among staff this year leading to an increase in WCB premium surcharges. School leaders have been asked to spend additional time at staff meetings discussing health and safety processes to increase awareness amongst staff. COVID-19 has also made it a challenging year for all schools, with additional protections required to adhere to pandemic requirements such as mask wearing, hand sanitization, and cohort groups.

South Central High School Trip - Acadia Valley Municipal Reservoir
The board approved a request from South Central High School for a trip from June 21-23 to the Acadia Valley Municipal Reservoir that involves canoeing and overnight camping. As it is a level 3/4 fieldtrip request it required board approval. As the group is in the same cohort, it adheres to COVID-19 restrictions.

Financial Accountability Report
Assistant Secretary Treasurer Candice Hintz provided a financial update to the board. The report contains information for 90% of the 2020-21 school year. It was noted there were minor revenue and expenditure changes from the last report. Overall, Prairie Rose is expected to come in $695,400 over budget, with the projected deficit decreasing by $100,000, for an overall projected deficit for the year of $251,220. Reduced PD, lower than budgeted substitute staff costs and reduced travel due to COVID are contributing factors for the decrease in spending.

Literacy Status Report
Due to the move to at-home learning, the MAP testing used for student literacy testing was delayed by two weeks this spring. Testing is now being completed and a full report will be brought to the board in the fall. It was also noted that growth projections are not expected to be on target, due to the varying dynamics each child and family has needed to navigate through the pandemic.

Accountability Pillar Summary
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this report has been delayed by the province. Also, due to the move to the new assurance model, this report will likely look different coming to school divisions this fall.

New PR Partnership and Field Trip Request
Deputy Superintendent Reagan Weeks shared that Prairie Rose has secured a new partnership with Outward Bound, a globally renowned outdoor education program, who will work in collaboration with the DR Flight Academy program. The academy was seeking board approval for a field trip to Kananaskis through Outward Bound from June 28 – July 2. As part of the trip, students will participate in map and compass navigation, self care, risk management, leadership, communication, group work, plane crash simulation are all part of the program. Throughout the expedition and airplane incident scenario, students will become proficient in mountain travel and technical skills while developing a tolerance for uncertainty and discomfort relating to weather, physical and emotional challenge and group dynamics. The board approved the fieldtrip request. Learn more about Outward Bound here:

Trustee Election: Additional Voting Stations
Secretary Treasurer and Returning Officer Ryan Boser asked the board to approve by-law #1/2021 which allows Prairie Rose to establish more than one voting station within each ward boundary for the upcoming fall municipal election. The board approved all three readings.