Board Meeting Highlights

event Published 2021-05-25T07:00:00.000Z

Trustee Resignation
Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser informed the board that Ward 6 (Foremost and County of Forty Mile) trustee Stacy Hammel has submitted her resignation from the board, effective immediately, due to personal reasons. Trustee Hammel was thanked for her contributions over the past four years and her dedication to students. Trustee Lucille Hertz suggested that a letter be sent to Stacy Hammel from the board thanking her for her service.

Jenner School Presentation
Jenner School principal Kirby Stensrud gave a presentation to the board highlighting a number of learning initiatives taking place at the rural K-9 school. It was noted that the school has focused on literacy for their primary school goals, emphasizing building comprehension, creating opportunities that create life connections, and developing a passion for literacy and reading across the grades. Some initiatives at each division level were also shared that focus on leadership and healthy lifestyle projects, using technology to build and create, and promoting attitudes of respect and kindness across the school community.  It was noted that while COVID-19 has required outside the box thinking, the school has been able to successfully keep students engaged and excited about learning. It was also shared that the school was excited about their approved Prairie Rose Possibilities project that will support bringing outside experts to the school to focus on CTF options such as carpentry, electrical, mechanical, outdoor education, etc. The full presentation can be found here:

FNMI Presentation
FNMI Coordinator Kameko Ballantyne provided an update to the board about the work being done in Prairie Rose to support Status First Nations, Non-Status, Métis or Inuit (FNMI) students and promote indigenous learning. In the 2020-2021 year, 94 students in Prairie Rose self-identified as FNMI which is an increase from previous years. It was noted that while some planned FNMI learning activities for the current year needed to be moved online or cancelled due to COVID-19, many initiatives were still able to take place across the division. Some of these included; Digital Orange Shirt Day, the distribution of literacy books to Prairie Rose schools without indigenous library resources, online learning opportunities through Canadian Geographic and Truth and National Centre for Reconciliation, FNMI learning kits for schools that include dreamcatcher and soap sculpture projects, and the introduction of indigenous social media influencers to students.  More details regarding FNMI learning in Prairie Rose can be found here:

Education Plan
Superintendent Roger Clarke presented the 2021-2022 Education Plan for approval. The plan outlines four goals to evaluate student and division success. These goals include PRPS students are successful (literacy and deeper learning), PRPS is well governed and managed, and First Nations Metis and Inuit students in PRPS are successful. It was noted that this past spring the division sent out assurance survey’s to parents, students and staff to gather local context and gauge satisfaction in a number of areas. The results from the surveys were used to help build the plan and are highlighted in the report.  The full presentation can be found here:

2021-2022 Budget
Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser presented the 2021-2022 Preliminary Budget for approval. The budget includes the following assumptions; back to normal operations in the 2021-2022 year, equivalent operational funding as the current year from Alberta Education, a decrease in enrolment by 9.0 FTE students, no change to support or certified staff grids, and an increase in insurance premiums of 15%. Overall, the division is forecasting a deficit budget for the 2021-2022 school year of $733,873, with revenues for the year of $51,443,598. Of the total budget, 72% is allocated to Instruction, 13.35% to Plant Operations and Maintenance, 10.40% to Transportation, 4.20% to Board and System Administration, and 0.04% to External Services. The complete budget document can be found here:

Other Items:

  • The board approved spending $867 to support their continued membership in the Alberta Rural Caucus.