Board Meeting Highlights

event Published 2021-05-11T07:00:00.000Z

Board Meeting Highlights

1. Margaret Wooding School Presentation
Principal Craig Corsie and Vice Principal Eli Merrick spoke about the assurance data survey results obtained in March 2021 and how staff reviewed the data and developed goals and strategies to address potential challenges. It was noted that overall the school received very positive results from staff, parent and students in terms of feeling supported and cared for by school staff. Areas identified for growth were broken into student and parent categories. While still quite positive, it was shared that students expressed some concern about safety on the bus, student behaviour, learning expectations, and that their voice matters. Parents also identified bus safety, discipline, communication and learning expectations. Recommendations staff developed stemming from the results included; increased opportunity for student voice, increase parent and community awareness of school programs and what they are learning, and create opportunities for student to engage in learning that ignites their creativity and passions. A number of strategies were also shared to accomplish and evaluate the newly developed goals. 

2. Curriculum Review and Decision
Superintendent Roger Clarke shared an overview of the process Prairie Rose Public Schools took to examine the draft K-6 curriculum. A total of 18 teachers participated in an internal review process examining the four core subjects of math, science, social studies and language arts. The five lenses the committee used for review included; progression and continuity, competencies, assessment (Bloom’s Taxonomy), age appropriateness and content load. The committee recommendation was not to pilot the curriculum as it has been proposed for implementation in the fall of 2021. It was noted the volunteer teachers who participated have been teaching the current curriculum for many years and their opinion and expertise is appreciated and highly valued. The board agreed with the recommendation from the committee echoing similar concerns have been expressed in their local communities.  The board voted unanimously to not participate the draft K-6 curriculum pilot this fall.

3. Irvine Riding Arena
A motion was put forward asking Prairie Rose to financially supporting the building of an indoor riding and agriculture arena in Irvine. The proposal asks Prairie Rose to contribute $300,000-$500,000 for the construction of the facility and be responsible for the monthly operating expenses of utilities, water and gas. In exchange, Prairie Rose would have unlimited use of the facility and be able to provide several new programming options for students. The board voted to table a decision until they have an opportunity to further review and consider the future implications for Prairie Rose.

4. Other Items:

  • The board approved the revised 2021-2022 Monitoring Schedule, as presented.
  • The board approved numerous policy changes to reflect the new name of Prairie Rose Public Schools.
  • The board approved the deletion of the June 29, 2021 public board meeting, due to the New Brigden School consultation meeting being moved until August 30, 2021.
  • The board approved the change of date for the June 8, 2021 board meeting to June 9, 2021.