2021 Redcliff Scholarship Recipients

event Published 2021-06-24T07:00:00.000Z

Eagle Butte and Hat High students awarded 2021 Redcliff Scholarships for Advanced Education

The Redcliff Scholarship Committee for Advanced Education, is pleased to announce that Eagle Butte High School graduates Cheyanne Peters, Wesley Ewert and Breanna Gawel, and Medicine Hat High School graduate Hailey Schofield are the recipients of the 2021 Redcliff Scholarship Awards. All four students will be attending post-secondary in the fall, with plans to pursue careers in education, nursing and social work. Each student will receive one of four 2021 Redcliff Scholarships for $5,000 towards tuition costs for post-secondary studies.  

Cheyanne Peters (EBHS), plans to attend Lethbridge College to pursue a career in nursing

“My journey towards becoming a nurse is important to me as I aspire to be a positive role model by recognizing it is possible to set challenging personal goals and reach them. I am thankful for the support this scholarship offers as I move onto the next stage in my education journey."

Wesley Ewert (EBHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in education

“I plan to attend Medicine Hat College for one year then transfer to the University of Lethbridge for four years to receive a combined degree in education and mathematics. I was drawn to teaching as a career, as it allows me to share my passion for learning and knowledge with others. This scholarship allows me to focus on my studies to reach this goal.”

Breanna Gawel (EBHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in social work

“Supporting my school and community is important to me, which is why I plan to attend the Medicine Hat College this fall to pursue a career in social work. The Redcliff scholarship helps me reach this goal and I am thankful for the support.”

Hailey Schofield (MHHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in nursing

“I have spent a very large portion of time thinking about my post-secondary goals. I am very passionate about my career choice and will do whatever it takes to get me there. The Redcliff Scholarship supports my dreams and I look forward to accomplishing many great things.”


“This year’s scholarship recipients showed great dedication to their studies during what was a very difficult year,” says scholarship chairperson Arnold Frank. “All four students have a passion for giving back to others which is evident in their choice of post-secondary studies. The Redcliff Scholarship Committee is extremely pleased to be able to support these four exceptional individuals, who showed determination and strength through what was a very challenging grade 12 year. I’d like to wish them all the best in whatever their futures hold.”

The Redcliff Scholarships were established in 2002 and have been awarded to 43 Redcliff students.  The awards are possible thanks to two endowed scholarship funds, that were established and are sustained by ongoing contributions of Redcliff organizations, and present and past Redcliff citizens.  A third, Frank King Tribute Scholarship Fund, was announced in the spring of 2018 in memory of the late Frank King, while a fourth was added in November of 2020 to honour the legacy of former Redcliff resident David Jon Thomson.


The Redcliff Scholarship for Advanced Education “Original Fund” was launched at the Reunion of the Redcliff 1944 Grade 1 Class held in September 2002. The aim was to create an endowed scholarship fund, whereby interest and dividends from the invested principal would earn enough money to finance the annual scholarship.  To date, contributions to the fund total $249,410.

“The Four Friends Fund” scholarship was established in 2006 in memory of the value of the lifelong Redcliff Friendships of Jack Fairhurst, Ron Hodges, John Hudak and Gerald Berkhold. The scholarship has been endowed with contributions of $232,975.

“Frank King Tribute” scholarship was established in 2018 in memory of Frank King.  As a legacy of the young Frank Walter King, his family and friends established the Frank King Tribute Scholarship that is awarded alongside the other two Redcliff scholarships for advanced education. To date, contributions totaling $31,500 have been received in support of this scholarship.

“David Jon Thomson Scholarship” was established in 2020 in memory of David Jon Thomson. Thomson was a well-known business man and lifelong proponent of education with roots in the Medicine Hat and Redcliff communities. As a legacy, his family established the David Jon Thomson Scholarship that is awarded alongside the other three Redcliff scholarships for advanced education. To date, contributions totaling $25,000 have been received in support of this scholarship.